Our Mission


We strive to be trustworthy and honest in all aspects of our business. We seek to avoid any and all conflicts of interest and will serve as your advocate watching over your wealth and income sources. 


We will stay on top of conditions that may affect our plans, including market conditions, political events, taxation changes, and corporate actions. We will make every effort to seek out unbiased high-quality research. 


We will personally make sure every promise made is delivered. We hold ourselves and each member of our team personally accountable for every task from investment transactions to returning phone calls promptly. 


We will work with each client to establish clear goals and benchmarks for growth, income, liquidity, and taxes. Further, we will stay within each client’s comfort level for risk. Lastly, we will take the time to explain investment recommendations and keep clients up to date with the progress of their plan. 


We will always treat you with respect and will be proactive. We will always consider managing your wealth as our profound responsibility. 


Oswego Crest Financial Group, an independent planning and investment management firm, specializes in helping clients prepare for, and navigate through, the uncharted waters of retirement. 

Different from the “accumulation” years of one’s life, retirement brings with it new opportunities and challenges that the retirement specialists at Oswego Crest help clients master. We work closely with clients to help answer the most prevalent questions facing retirees: 

  • Will I outlive my money?
  • Can I afford to live the lifestyle in retirement that I want?
  • What risks might I face that I haven’t considered?

At Oswego Crest we aim to provide simplicity, clarity, and peace of mind for our clients so they can truly enjoy their retirement years.